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Accuracy is defined as the proportion of true positives and true negatives among the total number of features clustered.
The performance appraisal of proposed work is prepared with parameters such as spectral cluster accuracy, face detection rate, true positive rate for gender classification, number of wrinkle lines, seed point ranges and age identification rate.
Outcome of contingent screening in the study population with known results of 95 patients were; 1 was true positive, 1 was false positive and 93 were true negatives.
According to True Positive Rate (TP), NB had the highest score (91.
The relative proportion of true positive to false positive to false negative observations is illustrated in Figure 9.
It is also known as sensitivity or true positive rate (TPR).
Out of 76 cases, 65 were true positive, none were false positive, 4 cases were true negative, and 7 cases were false negative.
Specificity of the test was calculated by using the data from numbers of false negative and true positive test results in infected sera other than fascioliasis and negative cases.
In rough mathematical terms, the ROC curve is simply a graph that illustrates the relationship between the true positive rate and the false positive rate.
The PPV can be thought of as the likelihood that a positive test result means that the sample examined is a true positive, or the fraction of true positives over assay positive calls in a set.
True positive, true negative, false positive, and false negative results of MSCT in the group with the middle and proximal segments of the coronary arteries and more than 50% stenosis Groups TPS TNS FPS FNS Middle and proximal segments more than 50% stenosis 127 349 4 4 TPS: true positive segments; TNS: true negative segments; FPS: false positive segments; FNS: false negative segments Table 2.