trough level

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trough lev·el

(trawf lev'ĕl)
The lowest concentration reached by a drug before the next dose is administered, as determined by therapeutic drug monitoring.
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The anti-Xa level can be measured as a peak level, which is drawn four hours after administration of the third dose, or as a trough level taken immediately prior to administration of the fourth dose.
At the same time, because the trough level of tacrolimus was 2.
sup][1],[7] However, monitoring the trough level, which is used in clinical work, cannot always predict the effects of immunosuppressive drugs on immune cells.
Consequently, when we entered the current build period, volumes were approximately half of typical trough level.
5%) of the patient drug level records indicated correct dose timing of medication following trough level sampling.
6 percent of the recession trough level, which is approximately the same level as balances after the 1990 recession and significantly above the 84.
Nine patients each weighing <2,000 g had a high peak level; none had a high trough level.
Dr Morella and colleagues [11] suggest that even with 13mg/kg of ribavirin some patients may be under-dosed and that plasma ribavirin trough levels at week 4 may be of benefit in adjusting doses and that a trough level of less than 2.
The target range for tobramycin dosing was a trough level less than 2 g/mL and peak level of 8 to 12 [micro]g/mL for dosing 2 to 3 times daily or 20 to 40 [micro]g/mL for once-daily dosing (Coulthard et al.
Taking 80 mg of oral ziprasidone twice daily with a meal of at least 500 kcal resulted in a mean trough level of 70 ng/mL and ensured linear pharmacokinetics.
A multilayered sandwich of clear plastic strips with air spaces between them was placed between the light source and the microscope stage to reduce the heat at the trough level.
Although cyclosporinc-A dosage was reduced with initiation of antimicrobial therapy, trough level increased to 350 ng/mL; therefore, further dose reduction was performed.