tropical medicine

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1. any drug or remedy.
2. the art and science of the diagnosis and treatment of disease and the maintenance of health.
3. the nonsurgical treatment of disease.
alternative medicine see complementary and alternative medicine.
aviation medicine the branch of medicine that deals with the physiologic, medical, psychologic, and epidemiologic problems involved in flying.
ayurvedic medicine the traditional medicine of India, done according to Hindu scriptures and making use of plants and other healing materials native to India.
behavioral medicine a type of psychosomatic medicine focused on psychological means of influencing physical symptoms, such as biofeedback or relaxation.
clinical medicine
1. the study of disease by direct examination of the living patient.
2. the last two years of the usual curriculum in a medical college.
complementary medicine (complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)) a large and diverse set of systems of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention based on philosophies and techniques other than those used in conventional Western medicine, often derived from traditions of medical practice used in other, non-Western cultures. Such practices may be described as alternative, that is, existing as a body separate from and as a replacement for conventional Western medicine, or complementary, that is, used in addition to conventional Western practice. CAM is characterized by its focus on the whole person as a unique individual, on the energy of the body and its influence on health and disease, on the healing power of nature and the mobilization of the body's own resources to heal itself, and on the treatment of the underlying causes, rather than symptoms, of disease. Many of the techniques used are the subject of controversy and have not been validated by controlled studies.
emergency medicine the medical specialty that deals with the acutely ill or injured who require immediate medical treatment. See also emergency and emergency care.
experimental medicine study of the science of healing diseases based on experimentation in animals.
family medicine family practice.
forensic medicine the application of medical knowledge to questions of law; see also medical jurisprudence. Called also legal medicine.
group medicine the practice of medicine by a group of physicians, usually representing various specialties, who are associated together for the cooperative diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.
internal medicine the medical specialty that deals with diagnosis and medical treatment of diseases and disorders of internal structures of the body.
legal medicine forensic medicine.
nuclear medicine the branch of medicine concerned with the use of radionuclides in diagnosis and treatment of disease.
patent medicine a drug or remedy protected by a trademark, available without a prescription.
physical medicine physiatry.
preclinical medicine the subjects studied in medicine before the student observes actual diseases in patients.
preventive medicine the branch of medical study and practice aimed at preventing disease and promoting health.
proprietary medicine any chemical, drug, or similar preparation used in the treatment of diseases, if such article is protected against free competition as to name, product, composition, or process of manufacture by secrecy, patent, trademark, or copyright, or by other means.
psychosomatic medicine the study of the interrelations between bodily processes and emotional life.
socialized medicine a system of medical care regulated and controlled by the government; called also state medicine.
space medicine the branch of aviation medicine concerned with conditions encountered by human beings in space.
sports medicine the field of medicine concerned with injuries sustained in athletic endeavors, including their prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
state medicine socialized medicine.
travel medicine (travelers' medicine) the subspecialty of tropical medicine consisting of the diagnosis and treatment or prevention of diseases of travelers.
tropical medicine medical science as applied to diseases occurring primarily in the tropics and subtropics.
veterinary medicine the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of animals other than humans.

tropical medicine

Etymology: Gk, tropikos, of the solstice; L, medicina
the branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases commonly occurring in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, generally between 30 degrees north and south of the equator.
The branch of internal medicine dedicated to the study and management of diseases found primarily in the tropics—in particular parasitic infections, but also ‘exotic’ viral, bacterial and fungal infections

tropical medicine

The branch of internal medicine dedicated to the study and management of diseases found primarily in the tropics–in particular parasitic infections, but also 'exotic' viral, bacterial and fungal infections

trop·i·cal med·i·cine

(trop'ik-ăl med'i-sin)
The branch of medicine concerned with diseases, mainly of parasitic origin, in areas having a tropical climate.
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As several specialists in tropical medicine have recently pointed out, claims that non-white people have inherited genetic immunity to yellow fever (so need not worry about the disease), do not fall on deaf ears.
I am very excited with the partnership with the Institute of Tropical Medicine at Nagasaki University.
In a similar vein, LSTM's Professor of Tropical Medicine David Lalloo told viewers: "Most people interested in tropical medicine are slightly different.
Arrangement is in sections on clinical practice in the tropics, viral diseases, bacterial infections, the mycoses, protozoal infections, helminthic infections, poisonous and toxic plants and animals, nutritional problems and deficiency diseases, vector transmission of diseases and zoonoses, the sick returning traveler, laboratory diagnosis of parasitic diseases, and drugs used in tropical medicine.
He qualified as a doctor after studying at Bangor and Manchester Universities, and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.
Tropmedex, founded by tropical medicine expert Kay Schaefer in 1995, organises two-week round-trip training courses to various teaching hospitals, outpatient clinics and research projects in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
It's a fascinating finding, but it's too early to say whether a public health policy will come out of it,' says Paul Garner of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in England.
Furthermore, the first wave of tropical medicine was driven by the self-interest of colonial powers, according to Mohammed Hassar, director of the Institut Pasteur du Maroc in Casablanca.
Such speculations can be entertaining, and the author, a retired professor of tropical medicine and medical microbiology (and currently an adjunct professor of epidemiology) has excellent credentials for probing medical matters.
So is membership in either the International Society of Travel Medicine or the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.
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