triple helix

tri·ple he·lix

the superhelix formed (right-handed) from three individual collagen helices (each being left-handed).
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Interestingly, the Netherlands is so eager to share with the entire world its tested and proven method - the Dutch Triple Helix Approach that promotes nexus between government, private sector and knowledge institutes - for the benefit of humanity as natural resources are depleting everywhere in an alarming rate.
Quadruple Helix concept is a development of Triple Helix concept by integrating civil society and integrating innovation and knowledge factor (Oscar, 2010).
in addition, the presence of scaling companies also makes the campus and district economical and representative of the triple helix of government, academia and industry.
Development of Biomaterials or devices could be taken as subjects of research as well as developing linkages between academia- industry- government; the triple helix model.
Universities are now not limited only to produce the graduates but to play an important role in creation, application and integration of knowledge', he said and added that the diploma course will contribute in the framework of University-Industry-Government, which represents triple helix model of effective relations among all of three sectors, but now the community as the fourth stakeholder has been added making it quadruple helix model.
Among their topics are a critique of the origin and foundations of the new inequality among men, the state and freedom of public network space, grey areas in China's growth: a questionable development, acquiring technology in the Mexican private sector: a disarticulated "linkage" of the triple helix, the proliferation of the corporate agro-industrial model in Latin America, and whether well-being and happiness are conditions for a new conception of development.
In einer weiterentwickelten Form wird die klassische Vorstellung der Triple Helix fur Innovation um eine Triple Helix fur Nachhaltigkeit erganzt, welche die Sphare Industrie durch die Sphare Offentlichkeit ersetzt (Etzkowitz und Zhou 2006).
Located adjacent to American University of Sharjah (AUS) campus, the Park will develop and manage an innovation ecosystem within a free zone that promotes R&D and supports enterprise activities and the triple helix collaboration of industry, government, and academia.
This is the same triple helix approach that has been successful in launching Sweden from the depths of poverty one hundred years ago, to the top of economic and social indexes today, with a progressive, diversified and knowledge based economy.
Second, conduct investigations based on the triple helix, which simultaneously combines, on a global basis, the insights and analysis of the policy, business, and research sectors.
Dr Klein's research involves studies of an integrated knowledge base concerning variation in human genetics and how it can lead to variation in our response to drugs, the stability of the collagen triple helix, and the relationship and prediction of lethal mutations for the genetic collagenous disease Osteogenesis imperfecta.