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Any method used to ‘correct’ experimental data, by eliminating high and low values or data points which are most in excess of the mean in an experimental ‘run’; trimming is a form of scientific misrepresentation
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The first few times, just pick debris from the hoof without attempting to trim it.
Jeanneau debuted the Auto Tacking and Auto Trim packages in its 2015 Sun Odyssey range.
You'll have fewer splices and more one-piece trim lengths, which look much better than any splice ever would.
Active Trim worked as I had been told it would--it trimmed up the running gear to maximize speed at a given RPM.
As opposed to modified starches, Z Trim is compatible with most high acid and heat process conditions.
The lower pecking force of pullets trimmed at 10 weeks of age compared to intact pullets and those trimmed at 1 day of age in the present study supplements the above studies by indicating that even a light trim at this age appears painful to the hen for at least the first week after trimming.
Q Trim, based in Heming Road, Washford, Redditch, specialises in the design, development and specialist manufacture of soft trim for cars, aeroplanes and yachts, and in seat development and manufacture.
Step 3: Set the trim nomenclature in the dropdown menu (here LM--linear molding) and click OK.
Dalton explored the various options for automating finishing, including robotic cells, automatic grinding equipment, CNC units and trim presses.
2) Sew decorative trim along the top edge of the right side of the fabric.