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The practice of verifying results using multiple tests. In geometric terms, an unknown third point can be determined with one known side and two known angles
Lab medicine A popular term for the use of two or more tests to evaluate one condition
Surgical oncology A method for localising the exact position of a breast lesion by a guide wire of a lesion of the breast, based on 3 parameters: position, depth of penetration, and wire angle


Oncology A method for determining the exact position of a breast lesion localized by a guide wire of a lesion of the breast, based on 3 parameters: position, depth of penetration, wire angle. See Guided wire open biopsy. Cf Stereotactic biopsy.


n a methodological approach in qualitative research used to integrate, verify, and interpret data derived from many different sources, including interviews.

triangulation (trīang´yəlā´shən),

n a wedge-shaped area between the root surface and alveolar crest that permits the passage of radiographic rays.
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If we use a triangulation of the type from Figure 5.
According to Davidson, the claim that the banana is the cause of Robinson's response remains arbitrary until Robinson has been involved in triangulation, which is a certain type of interaction with someone who is enough like him.
Engineers soon realized, however, that the real-world performance of laser triangulation sensors was something less than what was promised.
On the software side, ImageStation Automatic Triangulation (ISAT) 2001 was introduced.
Triangulation has had a clear and well-defined place in the thinking of most of the major family therapy practitioners and theorists (Minuchin, 1974; Haley, 1976; Neill & Kniskern, 1982; Napier & Whitaker, 1978; Papp, 1983; Andolfi, Angelo, Menghi & Nicol'o-Corigliano, 1983; Satir, 1967; Watzlawick & Weakland, 1977).
In section 2 we present a multiresolution triangulation model for terrain databases, that:
We show that under the assumption of the ratio property we can assign small real weights to the points so the weighted Delaunay triangulation contains no sliver.
With PSD, Ultra-Sense performs an "active triangulation measurement" to pinpoint an approaching object's location, rather than measuring its infrared temperature.
The logic of triangulation is based on the premise that no single method ever adequately solves the problem of rival explanations.
A laser sensor works with the triangulation measuring method and is used in textile cord calender for tire production.
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