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tremolo (trem´əlō),

n an irregular and exaggerated speech pattern that may be the symptom of an emotional disturbance or of various diseases affecting the nervous control of the organs of respiration and phonation.
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LOS ANGELES -- AEG Digital Media, the leading provider of complete webcast management and digital media services for live streaming events and online video, announced a new release of its proven Tremolo media player that vastly increases advertising options and revenue opportunities for its current and prospective content customers.
We are proud to be working with The Recording Academy to help power the expansion of the GRAMMY Awards online and provide viewers the optimal web video experience, which we are enhancing this year with the advanced Tremolo player and The Hawk, and expanded options for sponsors," explained John Petrocelli, VP, Sales and Business Development for AEG Digital Media.
The monophonic limitations of the ondes scarcely apply here: with the piano and as its equal, the ondes projects chords and clusters with tremolos, trills, and rapid permutations of larger groups of notes.
He cut out and mounted his own homemade black pickguard, covering the neck and middle pickup routings, and installed a single master volume knob (although the knob itself, famously, was a "Tone" knob), brass nut and an original Fender tremolo tailpiece.
There are many different special effects such as glissando, tremolo and ponticello, some double stops with at least one open string, slurs of two or three notes, hooked bowings and pizzicato.
Also on the list, however, are: tremolo with the hand on the mouth; changing the colour of the vowels; tremolo beginning fast and then slowing down; and unequal tremolo, changing vowels and consonants.
He worked with the string section on a high tremolo, observing, the tremolo is the light of the stars.
Jazz guitar players, even when plugged in, tend to go for a dry, even austere sound, but Luft is happy to exploit the electronic potential of his axe, using sustain pedals and tremolo arm to create some bewitching and atmospheric effects.
There was also a cheery lesson on tremolo technique, befitting Ogden's day job as principal lecturer in guitar at the Royal Northern College of Music.
Se sabe por este metodo que la tecnica de la epoca era muy basica y se limitaba a escalas con el pulgar, rasgueos en la mano derecha, pocos acordes en la mano izquierda y en muy pocas ocasiones la utilizacion de un tremolo de dos dedos y escasas formulas de arpegio.
Hampton treated the audience to masterful soloing on what was to most listeners an unusual instrument--essentially an electric xylophone with metal rather than wood tone bars and a rotating apparatus that gave the amplified sound a tremolo effect.