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tremolo (trem´əlō),

n an irregular and exaggerated speech pattern that may be the symptom of an emotional disturbance or of various diseases affecting the nervous control of the organs of respiration and phonation.
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Pairs vocalized over twice as quickly, and gave almost four times as many tremolos to longer yodels.
As noted above, the tremolo on a sustained tone is a slight wavering of the pitch that intensifies the musical sound, and may be used by the manang to make the meaning of a particular passage ring with special significance, as at the beginning of Example 3, lines 2-3 (".
The enduring musical recipe as laid out by Dale in the 1962 classic ``Miserlou'': staccato melody lines played on the low strings of a Fender Stratocaster drenched liberally in the ``wet'' sound of reverb with swelling surf evoked by the guitar's tremolo bar.
Latino rhythm and tremolo guitar meets the triumphant sound of mariachi horns while the melodic teams up with the strangely melancholic to build a sublime wall of pop.
This splendid book, like its German predecessor, ends with a discussion of the sound and performance techniques on the shofar, its "blasts" that are "long, short, calm, or sustained," and capable of tremolo and of "broken tones" in the natural harmonics of the octave, fifth, and fourth.
The movie Schorr produced for the show, Tremolo Americana, 1998, stands apart from the photos.
I listen to the tremolo effect in the voice, the actual words and the amplitude as well as the frequency response of the voice.
There's the hoot, the wail, the yodel and the tremolo," she said.
His trembling chest becomes the tremolo of piano keys.
ABC's "The Glass House" utilizes AEG Digital Media's MC and Tremolo Player which offer a powerful combination of engaging, high-impact social polling and high-quality viewing experience.
Featuring an African mahogany body, Ernie Ball Music Man tremolo, gunstock oil and hand-rubbed rosewood neck and fingerboard, St.
Filled with melodies that stick and an energy that won't soon be forgotten, 'Looking Over Yesterday' offers a thunderous rhythm section, combined with fat guitar tones, and dreamy tremolo and moody swells, which blanket the acoustic-based singer-songwriter core.