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, pl.


(fō-rā'men, fō-ram'i-nă), [TA]
An aperture or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure.
Synonym(s): trema (1)
[L. an aperture, fr. foro, to pierce]


(1) Foramen. 
(2) Vulva [NA6].
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Trema micrantha is widely distributed from the southern United States to Argentina (Torres 1996).
Trema is proven at over 250 global blue-chip customers including GE Capital, Porsche, Merck, Lucent Technologies, Philips, The European Central Bank, Banque de France and ING Investment Management.
Trema Finance KIT will run on Sun Solaris with a Sybase database.
With Trema, we have found not only the right technology, but also a trusted partner with whom we can work to meet our business needs now and in the future.
We look forward to working with NumeriX to continually expand our instrument support, utilizing its cutting edge valuation models," said Trema CEO Michele Fitzpatrick.
Telecomms operator France Telecom has chosen to install the Trema Finance KIT from financial software solutions provider Trema to handle its treasury operations.
Following on from a robust performance in 2005, Trema has achieved record revenues and profits.
The Trema Finance KIT will replace a total of four existing systems that are distributed across the bank's front, middle and back office operations.
BOSTON -- Trema, the leading provider of treasury and asset management software, announced today that the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)/Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) has purchased TremaSuite(TM) to support its global cash management operations.
BOSTON -- Trema, the leading provider of treasury and asset management software for corporations and financial institutions, has extended the breadth of its cash management offering to cover the entire financial supply chain with the addition of two class-leading payment modules - Financial eXchange Server (FXS) and ReconFact Server (RFS) - from Netherlands-based cash and invoice management specialist Global Payments and Collections (GP&C).
BOSTON -- With The Trema Suite, the central treasury of banks, mortgage banks and debt offices gain immediate visibility and control over the whole funding process