transtracheal wash

transtracheal aspiration, transtracheal wash

a technique for collecting a sample of bronchial exudate for histological and microbiological examination. A needle is inserted through the skin overlying the trachea and through the cricothyroid ligament. A catheter is introduced into the trachea and passed to the level of the tracheal bifurcation, some saline introduced and then withdrawn.
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Site (where MRSA or MSSA was cultured) was categorized as skin, ear, urinary, skeletal, and other (abdominal fluid, thoracic fluid, blood, oral cavity, lymph node, vagina, transtracheal wash fluid, and milk).
Specimens were abdominal and thoracic fluids, blood, oral cavity swabs, lymph nodes, vaginal swabs, transtracheal wash fluid, and milk.

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