transtracheal aspiration

transtracheal aspiration, transtracheal wash

a technique for collecting a sample of bronchial exudate for histological and microbiological examination. A needle is inserted through the skin overlying the trachea and through the cricothyroid ligament. A catheter is introduced into the trachea and passed to the level of the tracheal bifurcation, some saline introduced and then withdrawn.
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A comparison of transtracheal aspiration with other methods of determining the bacterial flora of the lower respiratory tract.
Sputum with <25 squamous epithelial cells/low power field (SEC/LPF) had cultures that correlated with transtracheal aspiration cultures 79% of the time, whereas a potential pathogen isolated from sputa with <10 SEC/LPF was 94% predictive of growth in the corresponding transtracheal aspirate.

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