translocation carrier

trans·lo·ca·tion car·ri·er

a person with balanced translocation.
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5 mm before the introduction of the first-trimester screening, major fetal abnormality, and soft ultrasound markers), parental translocation carrier status, parental carrier status of a known genetic disorder, previous child with aneuploidy or other genetic disorder, and maternal request.
This report describes a selection process of embryos originating from a balanced three-way reciprocal translocation carrier using array CGH.
There is a significant increased risk of giving birth to a child with Trisomy 21 when one parent is a Robertsonian translocation carrier or of reciprocal translocations as they may produce balanced and unbalanced gametes during gametogenesis.
Pregnancy obtained after PGD was confirmed by prenatal diagnosis and balanced translocation carrier was shown.
The balanced chromosomal translocation carriers have increased risk for pregnancy losses or having children with mental or physical abnormalities because of unbalanced segmental chromosomal losses and gains.
Meiotic outcomes in reciprocal translocation carriers ascertained in 3day human embryos.
A balanced reciprocal translocation is an exchange of material between two nonhomologous chromosomes, without loss or gain of material and balanced translocation carriers are usually healthy and phenotypically normal.
Because translocation carriers are, theoretically, at high risk of transmission of an unbalanced segregant to the blastomere, as many as 10 blastomeres will often be screened until one or two are deemed normal for the FISH probes in question.
Possible interchromosomal effect in embryos generated by gametes from translocation carriers.
While pregnancy is possible for this group of cases, prenatal diagnosis for the resultant embryos is highly recommended as translocation carriers are at a high risk for producing offspring with partial trisomy/ monosomy of the relevant chromosomal fragments.
Subfertility in translocation carriers can be brought about in two ways.