transient aplastic crisis

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transient aplastic crisis (TAC),

temporary suppression of erythropoiesis, due usually to viral infection (e.g., Parvovirus B-19); may be particularly severe in people with hemolytic anemias (e.g., sickle cell disease, thalassemia, hereditary spherocytosis).

transient aplastic crisis

Abbreviation: TAC
A serious complication of infection with human parvovirus B-19 infection in patients with chronic hemolytic anemia such as sickle cell disease. This virus causes erythema infectiosum.
See: erythema infectiosum
See also: crisis
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Although transient aplastic crisis is self-limited, red cell transfusion as a supportive treatment should be provided in case of acute anemia.
In sickle cell anemia, erythrocyte membrane defects, red cell enzyme defects, thalassemia, and acquired hemolytic anemia result in stressed erythrocyte production as in hemorrhage, iron deficiency anemia and bone marrow transplantation, in which there may be a red cell hemolytic process, and the preceding PV infection can present with transient aplastic crisis (38), (39), (47).
The Company believes a successful B19 parvovirus vaccine could be used both to immunize women entering their child-bearing years to protect them from experiencing B19 parvovirus-induced miscarriages and to vaccinate children with sickle cell anemia to protect them against transient aplastic crisis.

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