transgenic animal

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transgenic animal

An animal that has had a new DNA sequence introduced into its germ line by insertion into a fertilized egg or an early embryo. All subsequent offspring will carry the new genetic material in their genomes and will show its effects.

Transgenic animal

Animals that have had genes from other species inserted into their genetic code.


the product of transgenesis.

transgenic animal
one produced by transgenesis.
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The idea must arise from reading about the Harvard Mouse case and transgenic animals.
is currently developing a portfolio of ten biomolecules, and conducts research in transgenic animals and gene therapy.
This project has also used the services of the Transgenic Animal Support Core to develop mice that have increased ability to produce GSH, and those of the Molecular Biomarker Laboratory Core to test for the expression of the genes associated with GSH production.
Mechanistic studies have been greatly enhanced by Big Blue transgenic animals that allow "shuttle" mutagenesis studies (9-11).
The announcement was made at the conference on 'Successful Commercialization of Transgenic Animal Proteins' in San Diego, California, by Pharming's president and CEO, George J.
It is a significant milestone for our company, and we believe anyone seeking to produce any protein in the milk of any transgenic animal would need access to these patent rights.
However, the unique characteristics of the transgenic animal have also required new statistical methodologies.
GTC Biotherapeutics develops, supplies, and commercializes therapeutic proteins produced through transgenic animal technology.
High throughput technologies such as transgenic animal models, which allow quicker evaluation of chemical effects
DNX maintains its patented transgenic technology and will continue to develop and commercialize Biodigm(R) transgenic animal models, aimed at accelerating the drug development process, for the screening and evaluation of new drug candidates.