transforming agent

trans·form·ing a·gent

1. Synonym(s): mitogen
2. virus that can transform cells.
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With a strong emphasis on prayer as a transforming agent for moral action, this book carries a strong evangelical message.
Myoteca[euro](tm)s MT-102 is a dual action anabolic catabolic transforming agent (ACTA) in phase II clinical development that treats cachexia, a wasting disease that is the direct cause of death in 20-40% of all cancer patients.
For the people in the chain drug store business, whose association he headed for the last 11 years of his working life, he was a transforming agent, a charismatic and perspicacious leader who brought a small and relatively insignificant retailing segment into the forefront of the U.
Though personally unqualified for espionage, he had an unparalleled gift for transforming agents, and his work revolutionized British intelligence.
Three of the November Sundays also provide opportunities for us to be transforming agents in our society by putting our spirituality into action: Remembrance Sunday (Nov.
Instead of the effects of canonization, the transforming agents here are light, shadow, and sinfully sumptuous color.
These are the transforming agents in a person's life that allow him or her to follow the example of Jesus as a servant of the people.

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