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Etymology: L, trans, across, ferre, to bring
relocating a person in need from one location to another.


The act of moving a person with limited function from one location to another. This may be accomplished by the patient or with assistive devices.

Patient discussion about transferring

Q. can hepatitis be transferred from fathers sperm when concieving a child? My partner has hepatitis C and he has gotten me pregnant will our baby have it too?

A. Here is taken from wikipedia ( :

Sexual transmission of HCV is considered to be rare. Studies show the risk of sexual transmission in heterosexual, monogamous relationships is extremely rare or even null. The CDC does not recommend the use of condoms between long-term monogamous discordant couples (where one partner is positive and the other is negative). However, because of the high prevalence of hepatitis C, this small risk may translate into a non-trivial number of cases transmitted by sexual routes. Vaginal penetrative sex is believed to have a lower risk of transmission than sexual practices that involve higher levels of trauma to anogenital mucosa.

Mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis C has been well described, but occurs relatively infrequently. Transmission occurs only among women who are HCV RNA positive at the time of delivery; the risk of transmission in this setting is approximately 6 out of 100. Among women w

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Transferring patients expediently should be feasible in any major city, he says, but "we have a long ways to go as a country.
Transferring qualified plan benefits before a QDRO may not only disqualify the plan but also cause negative tax consequences.
Loss of customer, partner and personal data, loss of control over proprietary information and failure to meet security audit requirements are the top organizational concerns about transferring files.
The transferring spouse's basis in the transferred property carries over to the recipient spouse.
Transferring data at speeds of 2Gbps ensures that the transaction occurs quickly and reduces the possibility of interruption during data transfer.
In this article, we focus on one of the most common and difficult resident transfer situations encountered in our facilities: transferring residents between beds and chairs (with a typical situation depicted in [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED]).
Section 357(c) of the Internal Revenue Code has long bedeviled corporations transferring assets to subsidiaries.
Market-launched in 2004, Aspera's software products solve the fundamental problems of transferring bulk data (files, directories of files, and generally any large data sets) over the Internet and private IP networks.
CPA financial planners should compute the amount of assets needed to be held outside the FLP, as well as the nontax financial benefits received by transferring assets to it.
Issued in June 1999, it establishes accounting standards for transactions in which a donor (the resource provider) makes a contribution by transferring assets to an NPO or charitable trust (the recipient organization), which accepts those assets and agrees to use them on behalf of an entity the donor specifies (the beneficiary) or to transfer the assets--plus any investment returns--to that entity.
With traditional parallel SCSI, protocol information--commands, messages, and status--is moved using a narrow 8-bit bus at asynchronous rates, the slowest method of transferring information.
Instead of transferring assets to a partnership, the corporation transfers the stock of its subsidiary to a partnership, and the Third Party transfers the stock of its subsidiary or cash.