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Place an order and find out more information about the Altogen Biosystems in vivo Pancreas Delivery Transfection Kit here: an http://www.
Briefly, the total cellular RNA was extracted 24, 48, and 72 h post transfection with the miRCURY RNA Isolation Kit[TM] (Exiqon, Copenhagen, Denmark) and cDNA was synthesized with the Universal cDNA Synthesis Kit[TM] (Exiqon, Copenhagen, Denmark).
Drawing on its cell therapy expertise, MaxCyte designed a portfolio of products including the MaxCyte STX([R]) Scalable Transfection System and the MaxCyte([R]) VLX[TM] Large Scale Transfection System, ideal tools for use in small molecule drug discovery screening, protein drug development, recombinant vaccine production/manufacturing, and cell therapy commercialization.
The Nanoparticle-based In Vivo Transfection developed by Altogen Biosystems has been functionally tested in mice and rats and manufactured under strict QC standards.
According to transfection protocol the "hands-on" time for this kit is thirty minutes or less.
A stable transfection enables the integration of this foreign nucleic acid into the cellular DNA resulting in the expression of the desired proteins in cell lines.
Reagent based transfection technology market is experiencing significant growth owing to cost effectiveness and less complicated methods involved during transfection.
For transfection, the human Bcl-2 cDNA/pUC-CAGGS (2 [micro]g) was co-transfected with pRcCMV (1 [micro]g) into the LLC-P[K.
MaxCyte's portfolio of instruments includes the MaxCyte GT([R]) Flow Transfection System for autologous and allogeneic cellular therapies, and the MaxCyte STX([R]) Scalable Transfection System and the MaxCyte VLX([R]) Large Scale Transfection System for drug discovery research, screening, and protein production.
com)-- Transfection is the delivery of nucleic acids into living cells through nonviral methods.
According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research "Transfection Technology Market (Reagent-based method, Instrument-based method and Virus-based method) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 - 2019" the global transfection technology market was valued at USD 386.