transdermal drug delivery

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transdermal drug delivery (TDD)

Etymology: L, trans + Gk, derma, skin
a method of applying a drug to unbroken skin. The drug is absorbed continuously through the skin and enters the systemic system. It is used particularly for the administration of nicotine, nitroglycerin, scopolamine, testosterone, and contraceptives.
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Transdermal drug delivery
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So, it is really critical for transdermal drug delivery to improve newer permeation improving strategies to increase the number of drug substances that can be utilized in TDD.
Microneedles turned out to be one of the main enhancement strategies in the transdermal drug delivery area after improvements in microfabrication strategies were manufactured lately.
The main benefit of transdermal drug delivery is reducing the systemic adverse effects.
Transdermal drug delivery has been a challenging and attractive topic of the research.
Because of variety of benefits in transdermal drug delivery, it has been one of the most desirable routes of drug administration.
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BioChemics is a pharmaceutical company that has developed a novel, transdermal drug delivery system for the first time that allows almost any drug to be efficiently delivered through the skin.