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(trăng′kwə-līz′, trăn′-)
v. tranquil·ized, tranquil·izing, tranquil·izes also tranquil·lized or tranquil·lizing or tranquil·lizes
To sedate or relieve of anxiety or tension by the administration of a drug.

tran′quil·i·za′tion (-kwə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.

Patient discussion about tranquilize

Q. can you use zoplidem as tranquilizers is it possible to zolpidem as anti anxiety pills

A. Zolpidem is a medicine for insomnia. it is given only in a really bad case of insomnia. but it will be a little help as an anti anxiety pill. as i said in your first question- there are better medication for need to take Zolpidem.

Q. can you use zoplidem as tranquilizers can you use tramadol in a high dosage for depression as I read that it does have properties to treat depression and anxiety

A. both medications are highly dangerous if taken not according to their instructions. they both need prescription and a doctor observations. and besides, there are much better medications that can help with depression. Tramadol is an opiate so it won't help in the depression department.

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Gutkopf said she thought the bear had been released in the wild after being tranquilized and was happy to think there was a positive outcome.
It was in the larger tree when it was tranquilized.
In those two cases, state Department of Fish and Game officers tranquilized the bears and took them to the Los Padres National Forest.
The environmental police tranquilized the bear and the drugged animal fell out of the tree and was transported out of the area.
Marty Wall, with the California Department of Fish and Game, is familiar with what happens when heavy rains make water and food more abundant for wildlife: He tranquilized the bear in Palmdale last week.
FITCHBURG - A moose that made several trips into a residential neighborhood in the past week was tranquilized and relocated Tuesday.
State Fish and Game warden Marty Wall tranquilized the bear with a dart fired from a blow gun, then with a second dart from a rifle.
A black bear that surprised residents of a San Fernando Valley neighborhood by going swimming in a backyard pool Sunday evening was tranquilized by state wildlife personnel and taken away alive, officials said.
Environmental Police Officer Mark Brighenti said yesterday he hoped the bear in Athol could have been tranquilized and taken
If an elephant can be tranquilized, so can a tiger.
In this case, the bear, for some reason, would not be tranquilized.
The lynx was tranquilized and captured by state game wardens.