training analysis

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train·ing a·nal·y·sis

psychoanalytic treatment for the purpose of training of an analytic candidate carried out under the official auspices of a psychoanalytic training institute.
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We carried out a detailed training analysis of 150 small and medium-sized businesses to establish what they need, " he added.
Bianca studies psychology and is in training analysis with Anna Freud.
But as soon as he developed this, he sacrificed it by betraying confidentiality, by creating training analysis, by creating child analysis, and so on.
Therefore, manpower, personnel, and training analysis for new acquisitions must include training time in the computation of the standard military work week.
Your training analysis could not be with a psychoanalysist; only the second analysis could be Freudian.
Contract notice: Training Analysis Of Relational Practice ~
The O/Cs coach, teach and mentor the training units through a combination of on-site observation, real-time video shot by camera crews known as "Viper Teams," and data gathered by CMTC's Training Analysis Computer Support and Simulations Directorate.
The workers are asked to telephone 0191 490 3202 for individual skills training analysis or to visit their nearest JobCentre Plus office, giving details of name, date of birth and National Insurance number.
Package of free analysis on offer to companies planning a move into the medical technology FIRMS and employees who are looking to move into the medical technology industry are being offered a package of free training analysis and up to 70 per cent of the costs of any training needed as a result.
GP brings strong web-based and instructor-led training content development, instructional system design, and training analysis and strategy expertise to the Pal-Tech team.
Contract Awarded for Providing of training analysis
It helps users train at the right intensity with customizable sport zones, shows sport-specific training data for a variety of endurance sports and provides instant feedback during and after each session for a motivational training analysis.
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