traditional medicine

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traditional medicine

Alternative medicine
Any system of healthcare that has ancient roots, cultural bonds, trained healers and a theoretical construct; traditional systems include ayurvedic medicine, ethnomedicine, shamanism and traditional Chinese medicine.   

Mainstream medicine
Mainstream (Western) medicine, see there.

traditional medicine

1. Any system of health care that has ancient roots, cultural bonds, trained healers, and a theoretical construct; traditional systems include ayurvedic medicine, ethnomedicine, shamanism, traditional Chinese medicine.
2. Mainstream medicine, see there.

Patient discussion about traditional medicine

Q. How effective are the traditional medicines?

A. I agree, chinese medicine is more about preventing- having the person totaly healthy at all times and not only curing the disease.

Q. What medicines are considered to be traditional chinese? and what are the most common ones and for what propose ?

A. there is a long long list of Chinese herbs and their functions. i must say i'm not an expert and haven't tried all of them but some of them are probably not as affective as western medicine and some of them are better. here is a list of some of the most common ones:

Q. What is the medical sense behind Chinese Medicine? and traditional treatments?

A. it's trial and error of thousands of years. not always true but some times even more effective then western medicine. the best idea is to combine them both. at least that's my opinion.

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In his view, at the core of traditional medicine is respect for the Pachamama, or Mother Earth, as well as for all living entities.
In the tiny landlocked kingdom of Swaziland, traditional medicine practitioners (TMPs) are the main source of health care provision for the vast majority of its 930,000 citizens.
He has worked with youth in sweat lodges and with traditional medicine for 10 years.
The lack of communication between the practitioners of traditional medicine and Western medicine thus has to be addressed to ensure the safety of patients as well as the quality of the system (WHO, 2002:47).
Ric Scalzo, co-author of Herbal Solutions for Healthy Living and Traditional Medicines from the Earth, as well as founder of Gaia Herbs, says, "Synthesizing a [conventional] drug requires a lot of solvents, and these are non-ingestible, toxic substances that must be disposed of as toxic waste.
According to his medical history, at 6 years of age he was diagnosed with asthma, which was treated with Chinese traditional medicine (CTM) pills known to contain arsenic until he was 16 years of age, when he was diagnosed with Bowen's disease.
Growing number of people have turned back to consuming the traditional medicines for fear of side effects of chemical medicines.
Our primary objective is to establish a burgeoning centre of excellence that advances the contribution of African traditional medicines by addressing the health and economic needs of this country and the continent," she declared at the launch of the National Reference Centre for African Traditional Medicine in Cape Town.
What, you mean, traditional medicine has found a cure for cancer?
I see no reason why naturopathy and traditional medicine can't work very well hand-in-hand," Ford argues.
Traditional medicine: 80 participants from about 35 countries tomorrow agreed at a World Health Organization-sponsored meeting in Kobe, Japan, to create a worldwide atlas of traditional medicine.
A sympathetic ruling in the case from Justice Gerald Michel--one year conditional for the elder Uyunkar, and one day and time served for his son--provided little comfort to advocates for traditional medicine, who doubt the judges decision of the case provides any legal protection for the age-old practice.

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