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A language that is no one’s native language, but is used as an auxiliary or supplemental language between 2 or more mutually unintelligible speech communities
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Also included is the "Common trade language used by Indians/traders," a reference to the Chinook language.
the market structure experts, announced today the broad availability of the UNX Order Gateway, a universal trade language and communications processing interface for institutional buy-side traders providing access to the UNX execution fabric for US equities trading.
Learning about digital technologies now and in the future is as important as it was to learn trade languages during the early modern period, according to a Blenheim principal.
Since, in his view, pidgins are trade languages used for specific and sporadic commercial contacts between people with different mother tongues, the examination of local conditions in the French colonies invalidates the claim that Creoles arose out of pre-existing pidgins through a process of structural change.