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A language that is no one’s native language, but is used as an auxiliary or supplemental language between 2 or more mutually unintelligible speech communities
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Multi-lingualism is common in such situations, and where a number of groups habitually interact, one language may be recognized as a trade language.
Once Underriner comes on board in January, the college will work with the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde to offer a four-hour course in Chinuk Wawa, a trade language used among native Northwest tribes.
the market structure experts, announced today the broad availability of the UNX Order Gateway, a universal trade language and communications processing interface for institutional buy-side traders providing access to the UNX execution fabric for US equities trading.
Pidgin program originating: The Christian Leaders' Training College, along with Good News Broadcasting and TWR, will initiate the Papua New Guinea Bible School of the Air in Pidgin, the country's trade language.
Among the new natural languages are 81 creoles, 17 pidgins, and numerous trade languages.