traction splint

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traction splint

A splint that provides continual traction to a midshaft lower extremity fracture.
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1. a rigid or flexible appliance for fixation of displaced or fractured bones.
2. see also splints.

biphase splint
an external mandibular splint used to stabilize fractures. It consists of fixation bolts placed in the mandible with an acrylic bar placed across the protruding ends, parallel to the mandible.
gutter splint
one with a central channel into which the well padded limb is placed for support of a fracture.
half-pin splint
open reduction fracture repair based on placing Steinmann pins through the cortex and at an acute angle to the bone, in both sides of the fracture. The pins are connected to each other with rods which are then locked together with a Kirschner clamp, the fracture reduced and the pin-clamp assembly readjusted. Half-pin systems include Jonas and Kirschner.
Kirschner-Ehmer splint
see kirschner-Ehmer splint.
lateral splint
rigid splinting material such as plaster is applied to the lateral surface of a limb covered in a soft padded bandage to provide support and protection from angular or bending forces.
metal rod splint
aluminum rods, bent to conform to the angles of the limb, are incoorporated into the outer layers of a soft padded bandage to provide support and protection from angular or bending forces.
modified spica splint
similar to a lateral splint, but the bandaging and splinting is more extensive, being carried over the shoulder or hip and across the dorsal midline. Used to immobilize the humerus or femur, temporarily or as an adjunct to internal fixation.
Robert-Jones splint
see Robert-Jones bandage.
Schroeder-Thomas splint
a traction splint, made of aluminum rods and consisting of a padded ring with extended bars bent to a shape determined by the size of animal and type of fracture. The limb is suspended and traction applied to the joints proximal and distal to the fracture site by wrapping with padded bandages. Modified versions are used for radial and tibial fractures in large animals.
snowshoe splint
molded to fit the bottom of an avian foot, it is suitable for supporting fractures of the digits in those species.
spoon splint
concave channel splints of metal or plastic, commonly used over soft padding for fractures of the lower limb in dogs and cats.
Stader splint
the original half-pin splint now largely superseded by the kirschner splint. The pins have to be placed in the bone fragments in the position dictated by the configuration of the blocks into which the pins are fastened.
tape splint
support with tape can be used on leg fractures in birds.
Thomas splint
see Schroeder-Thomas splint (above).
traction splint
see Schroeder-Thomas splint (above).


the exertion of a pulling force, as that applied to a fractured bone or dislocated joint to maintain proper position and facilitate healing, or, in obstetrics, that along the axis of the pelvis to assist in delivery of a fetal part.

traction hook
traction splint
see Schroeder-Thomas splint.
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In circumstances where delays are inevitable, the indication and appropriateness of continuation of traction splint should be re-evaluated.
GENERAL: The intent of this proposal is to establish prices for traction splints and leg cravat kits.
The ambulance is fitted with modern medical emergency equipment and supplies, including heart defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, intravenous drips, spinal and traction splints, foldable stretchers and medicines.
We spend a lot of time training for these injuries using specialist equipment such as traction splints, pelvic binders and spinal immobilisation equipment.
With intensive training around hospital departments on lifesaving skills, how to administer drugs and oxygen and the latest equipment such as defibrillators to restore the heart's rhythm, spinal and traction splints and intravenous drips, Mark was ready to respond to emergency calls.