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totems (tō·tmz), in Native American culture, an Algonquin term that refers to spiritual helpers. These spiritual helpers may send messages to a patient via dreams to recommend an improved, healthier pattern of behavior. Native American healers are often contacted to act as interpreters for the dreams.
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We're leading the way as the first city in the whole of Europe to have these totems installed - another proud first for Coventry - and it shows clearly that along with all the changes taking place, we are creating a city that people will want to visit and that residents can be rightly proud of.
Totem Display With a sleek design and built-in stand, the freestanding totem display complements any design and grabs customers' attention for promotions or upcoming events from any angle within a shopping mall or lobby area.
Building totems brought our community closer and broadened students' knowledge.
With a team of 150 professionals and more than 25 years' experience, Crambo Latinoamerica goes far above the ordinary with a full suite of innovative solutions including LCD transparent cubes, vending machines, totems and videoconferencing systems.
The new wayfinding totems will give mapping information and assist people in finding their city centre destinations easily and more efficiently.
She said before the artists set to work: "How each artist will interpret the meaning of Metro Totems is up to them.
It had been a popular stop for tourists in the 1890s that often stopped there to take photographs sitting on the steps between the two great totems that stood in front of Chief Skowl's House.
Although the image has gone forever, thousands of these enamel totems survive.
WARREN - The spirit of Molly Anne Bish, the 17-year-old lifeguard abducted from Comins Pond Beach seven years ago Wednesday, will be represented at Wednesday night's vigil on the Town Common by a bald eagle atop an 8-foot totem pole.
I, on the other hand, was looking for opportunities to point out how their solutions mirrored some of the requirements they would have to meet in their upcoming project: totems.
House Of Fetishes, Totems, And Cures: I, too, when arrived/still had a journey/to take.
The totems - titled ``Spirit Guardian'' - are flanked by a kidney-shaped pool and a canopied workstation equipped with tables, raw materials - marble and tree logs - and necessary tools, from diamond blades and chisels to face shields and a rotary chain saw.