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totalizator, totalisator

a computer-driven, machine-operated betting system which eliminates the bookmaker in the betting industry which surrounds horse and dog racing. Called also parimutuel.
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The validity of these exclusions was tested in Pollock v Saunders (39) in which it was argued that the bookmaker was entitled to remain on the race course as he had made a bet on the totalisator.
43) By 1907, the Women's Christian Temperance Union presented Parliament with 36,471 signatures to abolish the totalisator.
The doubles totalisator was prohibited as were communications to the racetrack via telephone or telegraph and even notifications inducing betting.
It decides how to distribute surplus revenue after payment of successful bets and dividends, goods and services tax, totalisator duty and its operating expenses.
Racing betting" includes all betting on races run at racecourses within and outside New Zealand; (89) and includes totalisator, equalisator and fixed-odds betting.
In Official Assignee v Totalisator Agency Board, (106) the Court stated that while "[t]he Totalisator Agency Board is a creation of statute" (107) the particular transaction in that case was between Mrs R as an individual and the TAB as agent for the particular club conducting the race to which the transaction related.