total daily energy expenditure

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to·tal dai·ly en·er·gy ex·pen·di·ture

(TDEE) (tō'tăl dā'lē en'ĕr-jē ek-spen'di-chŭr)
Total daily caloric expenditure, consisting of basal metabolic rate, diet-induced thermogenesis, and energy expenditure for physical activity; in the clinical setting, TDEE can be estimated by calculation or measured by indirect calorimetry.
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Such activity thus has little influence on total daily energy expenditures (Westerterp and Plasqui, 2004).
Because the cost of body movement is increased, overweight individuals may match the total daily energy expenditures of their leaner peers once obesity has developed.
There is substantial evidence to suggest that changes to daily living have resulted in a chronic depletion in total daily energy expenditure, specifically physical activity thermogenesis (Cavadini et al.
Total daily energy expenditure, activity thermogenesis and the prevention of excessive weight gain