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Indeed, torpor and hibernation are associated with slowing ageing processes and increase of longevity.
Energetic costs of the immune response and torpor use in a primate.
During hibernation, mammals undergo repeated cycles of torpor and arousal and several physiological and biochemical parameters are reversed to normal euthermic levels without obvious damages in a short period when they return to aroused state (Okamoto et al.
The relationship between body mass and rate of rewarming from hibernation and daily torpor in mammals.
Indians' efforts, not aid, are responsible for the nation's technological and other achievements, Dalrymple insists, adding that "[C]ontinued aid to India is nevertheless a manifestation of the national administrative, mental and ethical torpor, as well as incompetence and corruption, that is leading us inexorably to economic and social disaster.
In captivity, marmotine and other mammalian hibernators studied at controlled ambient temperatures in cold chambers universally display a characteristic body-temperature profile during hibernation: multiple, prolonged bouts of torpor punctuated by much shorter bouts of arousal when the animal returns to euthermy.
Diners, Drive-ins and Dives-or Triple D to its fans-is presented by Guy Fieri, a man so red of face, peroxide blond of hair and ebullient of quote (everything is either "off the hook" or "out of bounds" and he's prone to ridiculous statements like: "I could put this on a flip-flop and it would taste good") that he will shake you out of the deepest torpor and put a smile on your face.
This time the example of the royals walking to church failed to shame me out of my torpor.
Brilliant idea, and we love Oasis Centre for trying to get people out of their usual summer torpor and promoting good health, but we suspect they won't get many takers in this lazy old town.
The vagueness of boredom, its vaporousness and its torpor, is part of its mild but genuine torment.
Supplementation with resveratrol reduced the animals' seasonal weight gain by decreasing calorie intake by 13%, inhibiting the depth of daily torpor, and increasing resting metabolic rate by 29%.