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Notting Hill (Universal Studios: 1999) Can an American superstar (Anna Scott) with Julia Roberts' megawatt smile find happiness with a shy British bookstore owner (William Thacker) with Hugh Grant's toothy, self-effacing grin?
Their dog seems frenzied with joy, snapping at the air with a toothy grin.
Some other long-ago birds were toothy too, but no modern birds have teeth.
Replacing them is unabashed excitement--the anticipation of seeing some toothy creature knife up out of the lake's rocky depths to take a lure, its bronze flanks flashing in a breeze brisk, sun-sparkling morning, each leap punctuated by shouts of unrestrained glee.
It isn't just parents that are smiling, executives at Kohl's (NYSE:KSS) have a wide toothy grin on their faces at this time of year.
One need not be endowed with beauty queen curves, have a model-esque figure, or possess a perky cheerleader's wide toothy smile.
It turned out there was a field of marijuana growing on the scene, with two scaly, toothy "security agents" guarding the dope.
Ed Miliband, the toothy pretender to the New Labour leadership, is just one who likes to wander down Wisteria Lane of a Wednesday night.
on the coal When she's bevied she's really a shocker She got a few bob when she left her last job Made redundant when she was a Docker She got 22 grand cash in her hand But even with that lump sum She does nothing but cry Cos hard as they try The doctors just can't fix her Hump I say, "Look so yer fat, well never mind "You're the one girl, I'll never ditch "With yer black toothy grin, yer ugly as sin "But let's face it, yer bloody well rich
Florida inshore saltwater fly fishers don't give much mind to wire leaders until toothy fish start to empty their fly boxes.
The toothy blonde, who had been tipped at 4-1 to go by RPSPORT, got the thumbs-down from the theatre legend, but the bookmakers don't expect redhead Ashley's stay of execution to last long.
Connie Talbot: The six-year-old with the toothy grin and the voice of an angel is the favourite for tonight's show.