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That which is omitted, excluded, or set apart.
[L. excipio, to exclude]
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Tory MP and Leave backer Nadhim Zahawi took exception to the remarks, saying: "You must withdraw and apologise to Gisela.
Ferguson took exception to Keane criticising United's youngsters after the club's Champions League exit.
When boss Duncan Edwards at Bodyguards Personal Fitness Service in Jesmond, Newcastle, said that as part of our Great North Fitness Revolution campaign we were looking for one of their more elderly clients to highlight how keeping fit is for everyone, she took exception to the phrase.
Chief Insp Geoff Logan, of Newcastle Area Command, said: "This woman rightly took exception to his behaviour and he retaliated by slapping her in the face.
The EC, however, took exception to the incident, terming it as violation of the model code of conduct - a set of dos and don'ts supposed to be observed by all political parties and candidates between declaring of elections and its completion.
3 : an objection or a reason for objecting <He took exception to the change.
But boss Martin took exception to Little's lunge on Barr and felt whistler Robertson had a day to forget in general.
This crow certainly took exception when a cheeky koala staked a claim to its gum tree in the Aussie outback.
Idlebrook presented many good, common-sense ideas for enjoying life while spending and consuming less, I took exception with suggestion No.
British Airways took exception to one of its employees visibly wearing a small cross around her neck while at work.
Carroll took exception to comments on the game broadcast that Booty was shaken up following the ankle injury.
The organization, however, took exception to the term "e-waste" in the report, instead suggesting use of the term "e-scrap" to more accurately describe recyclable materials from electronic devices.