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Acupuncture technique for strengthening the body.
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gentle stimulation of the acupuncture point; compare with sedation of it.

tonification points
acupuncture points used to increase or stimulate energy flow along a meridian or to stimulate an organ.
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You need NO to tonify the muscles and tissues in your colon.
He stated that thermal or warm colours of red, orange and yellow are stimulating, raise blood pressure, strengthen, and tonify.
This full line of herbal extract ingredients is designed to heal, nourish and tonify the skin, adding value and true functionality to your skin care products.
Stuff to detoxify, increase hydration, reduce cellulite, enhance metabolism, tonify, stimulate, rebalance and restore.
Ideal for the summer to use in combination with: - KAMA PURE ROSEWATER, to refresh and tonify your skin, and - KAMA Herbal Ayurvedic after-sun oil, RETEXTURIZING SKIN TREATMENT JWALINI, an extremely powerful 100% natural moisturizer to nourish and calm down skin after prolonged sun exposure.
Xiao Yao Wan, a traditional Chinese herbal formula meaning "free and relaxed wanderer," is designed to move stagnant liver qi and tonify the spleen and blood.
It was used as an astringent tonic for the lungs and kidneys, to astringe, replenish qi, promote production of body fluids, tonify the kidney, and induce sedation (Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission 2010).
In the case of a spleen/heart block, you would first tonify the exit point of the spleen, which is spleen 21--encircling glory.
Our initial intention was to potentially do acupuncture at regular intervals to dispel liver heat as well as tonify jing.
Now we offer you the same level of quality in a line of natural botanical ingredients and synergistic combinations specially crafted to heal, nourish, and tonify the skin safely and naturally.
This is one of the most important points to tonify one's Qi, as stated in the text, Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion.