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Loews Santa Monica Hotel will be overflowing with more than 100 pairs of open toe shoes worn by women of all ages to raise money for The One Small Voice Foundation
All these carefully prepared characterizations led her naturally to the mime roles in the repertoire that she inherited when her toe shoe days were over.
She played a nervous young dancer, backstage, who keeps adjusting her painful toe shoe and falling out of pirouettes as she anticipates her auspicious first entrance.
Ballet San Jose has acquired all the sets, costumes, audiovisual archives, toe shoe inventory and other properties of the old San Jose Cleveland Ballet, including the sets for Nahat's Nutcracker.
On crutches since he was 5 years old, Shannon has metabolized them into his dance as elegantly as the ballerina has transformed the toe shoe into an extension of her leg.
99, New Look; floral-print skirt, PS42, M&Co; black pointed toe shoes, PS65, Office; clutch bag, PS6, Primark Rust-coloured blouse, PS29.
They are brilliant if your legs are less than perfect and those designed to be worn with peep toe shoes are a Godsend.
Some dancers will don high heels; others toe shoes, as they dance to Coltrane's ``Giant Steps.
Black and white spot dress, pounds 190, Diva (020 7323 4535) and Tarts (01992 700700); black round toe shoes, pounds 25, New Look
An exception is topside weapons handling personnel who are required to use steel toe shoes.
But movies about the ballet world have wanted to make it uncontestably clear to their intended mass audiences that male dancers are not light in their toe shoes.