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WTVF-TV reports thousands of dollars in cash packaged for a bank deposit had been placed in a paper to-go bag near the drive-thru orders on Tuesday morning.
Be sure you have enough medication on hand and consider putting a pill splitter and any other medical supplies like syringes in your emergency to-go bag.
It is, Walters indicated, fairly lavish - "By the time most women are done with the sandwiches and savories, they're asking for a to-go bag.
To market its new program in-store, Spicy Pickle is supplying POS banners, posters, to-go bag stuffers, table tents, and whimsical box containers for large or individual orders.
Extensive in-store poster displays, comic strip tray liners, drink cups, napkins, to-go bags, new uniforms and kid's premiums also promote the contest and America's Most Wanted Hot Dog.
To help raise awareness of this exclusive offer one of McDonald's to-go bags outlines the offer and includes a $3 coupon for the collectible set at Service Merchandise.
In addition, the promotion was supported by logos on menus, to-go bags, wait staff neck ties and in-store banners.
New menu boards and store design elements will be optional for restaurant owners to purchase, while all locations are now receiving new packaging items including cups, sandwich wrappers, fry containers and to-go bags.
In its restaurants, A&W customers will experience complete in-store integration such as promotional t-shirts for crewmembers, branded point-of-purchase materials and to-go bags.
Our server was probably astounded we would go for dessert after all this and was ready with the check along with our to-go bags.
Relocation and enlargement of the guest breakfast area, which can accommodate 50 people with a free ExpressStart[R] Breakfast Bar, which includes hot and cold breakfast entrees; Holiday Inn's signature cinnamon rolls; 24-hour, hot 100% Arabica Smart Roast[R] coffee; and to-go bags
Enjoying quality meals at home or at the office doesn't have to mean a sink full of dishes, hours spent over a hot stove, or long lines and greasy to-go bags.