titanium mesh

titanium mesh,

n a woven net made of flexible titanium that is used during placement of bone grafts in order to ensure a predetermined volume of bone regeneration.
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Platinised titanium mesh
Titanium mesh inter-body cage, coaxial double-lumen poly-methylmethacrylate (PMMA) reconstruction, and Elescopic plate spacer is utilized for stabilization after corpectomy18-21.
Subsidence of titanium mesh cage: A study based on 300 cases.
Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and Molly with the 3D model of her skull and the titanium mesh implant used to reconstruct her skull after removing a tumour
Accessing the latest 3D milling and printing technology, Noel's team designs a skull template to cut around the growth, then a customga custom-made titanium mesh covering to fill in the gap.
Professor Noel Fitzpatrick with King Charles Cavalier Molly and the 3D model of her skull with the titanium mesh implant mirroring the design used to reconstruct her skull after removing a tumour
But I have a titanium mesh plate in my head, so that's pretty cool.
PP sheets embedded with titanium mesh, referred to as PP titan barrier implants (PPTBs)have been widely used to repair large medial orbital defects, including those occurring in cases in which surrounding bone to support the implant is lacking.
One month later, the patient underwent a left thoracotomy procedure with tumor resection, left upper and lower lobe pulmonary wedge resections, and chest wall reconstruction with titanium mesh plate and latissimus dorsi flap.
The use of struts with titanium mesh, stainless steel mesh or miniplates have been advocated, as a scaffold to improve the mechanical strength and cosmetic results, but this technique is more costly.
A cylindrical titanium mesh cage filled with autogenous bone was inserted into the vertebra body defect and screw-plate instrumentation was used to stabilise the cage.
The team used a 3D printer to create a titanium mesh scaffold for the ear, which was then seeded with sheep cartilage cells.