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tiro (tēˑ·rō),

n a traditional preparation originating from Nigeria, used for cosmetic purposes and as a medicine for the eyes. It is applied to the inner surface of the eyelid, and its application and use is very similar to al kohl and surma. Tiro contains high concentrations of lead; therefore, poisoning is a potential risk associated with its application and use. See also al kohl and surma.
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AV: Nella lettera a Pavese, Muscetta defini Tiro al piccione un libro politico, dove non esiste il caso del fascista che si disgusta o si converte, ma, bensi, v'e il giovane traviato, preso nel gorgo del sangue senza un'idea, che rimane vivo per miracolo, e allora comincia ad ascoltare altre voci.
25, 1925, in Aceh's Pidie Regency, Tiro graduated from Columbia University and earned a doctorate degree in international law from the University of Plano in Texas.
Cicero and Tiro travel to Greece and Asia Minor so that the young advocate can consult the leading teachers of rhetoric.
Use of TIRO declined in 2001 after inconclusive talks at Taba and during the second intifada, but by 2004 it was hot again.
Insider notes that three out of the four Tiro Larks seem highly excited to be in the Liverpool star's company.
We shall see that by 1953, Tiro ceased to be a conversion narrative and instead became a weapon useful to and valued by both Left and Right in heated political debate.
Tiro studies his notes when he is in his 90s and writes Cicero's biography.
VVA Project Managers & Consultants will host their Annual HELP USA Toy Drive Benefit from 6 to 9pm at Tiro a Segno with the goal of collecting toys for kids of all ages, and donations to benefit families, who live in HELP USA's long-term housing in New York City.
The latest incident comes almost two weeks after GAM founder Hasan di Tiro returned to his homeland from Sweden after more than three decades in exile.
Hasan di Tiro, the founder of a former rebel group that fought for almost three decades for Aceh's independence, was greeted by thousands of people on Saturday when he arrived back in the once-restive Indonesian province after almost 30 years in exile in Sweden.