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Measurements are made by viewing the 3 fields and rotating the discs alternately until the best colour match to the sample is obtained say Tintometer of The Colour Laboratory, Waterloo Road, Salisbury, Wilts, tel:0722 327242.
Tintometer Ltd,, The Colour Laboratory, Salisbury UK
North Sutton, NH McMahan Research Laboratories, Chapel Hill, NC The Tintometer Ltd.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Gc Aas Tintometer And Fibre Analyser To Various Labs Of Dmi
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Tintometer under Laboratory Equipment
The Petrolab PFX880 Series provides automated color analysis according to the Saybolt D 156 and ASTM D 1500, AOCS Tintometer, Lovibond-RYBN, Chlorophyll A&B, beta carotene, iodine, FAC, Gardner Color, IP Units, Hess-Ives color units, and PT-Co/Hazen/APHA Color Scales.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Bottle Top Liquid Dispensers under Laboratory Equipment Digital Analytical Balance,Microscope, Tintometer, Digital Turbidity Meter, Digital Refractrometer, Digital Burette etc.
Lovibond Tintometer - a leading UK supplier of water analysis equipment based in Wiltshire - has committed to setting up a factory and sales service operation in Hyderabad with the aim of enhancing the production of instruments and chemical reagents to meet the rapidly growing demand for high quality water testing products in India.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Reflectance meter, Rice huller, Rice Polisher (with timer), Rice Sheller, Sampling probes, Seed / Grain Divider - Boehner Type, Sieve Shaker, Mini wheat milling machinery, Solvent extractor, Test Sieves (Round Brass), Tintometer, Vernier calliper, Versatile dhal mill,