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a coat color pigmentation pattern in which hairs of one color are distributed in small groups throughout the background color, e.g. Australian cattle dog. Called also speckling.

Patient discussion about ticking

Q. How do people get ticks?

A. when i stayed in the Peruvian jungle for 3 weeks - ticks were the most common parisite we encountered. we finished every day with a set of pincers and a flashlight :) they just stand on the plants waiting for something to pass near. be that a man, a monkey or an ant eater. they don't care, as long as they have blood. the same in cities, they just wait in strategic points until you'll pass along and they'll just jump on you. be sure to use pincers to plunk them, catch their sucking tube and plunk. if not they might leave it in your body and it'll get infected.

Q. I had a tick to bite me a few days ago now I have a headache on and off and feel nauseous and diarrhea My friend had a stomach virus last week is my symptoms coming from the tick or is it a coincidence

A. It sounds like the tick bite is just a coincidence. You probably caught a virus, not necessarily from your friend who was sick, but that's also a possibility. However, if the bad feeling doesn't go away, or your suddenly experience fever spikes, you should see a doctor, because you might have a bacterial infection that will need antibiotics.

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Mattress ticking is the Western Union of the bedding industry -- it sends a monster message to the consumer.
Because a cover's color and texture make a big impact on the presentation of a mattress, retailers, ticking manufacturers and bedding producers work closely to make that consumer experience a positive one.
PHOTO : Figure 1: Solid foam used with nonwoven ticking
Again, however, with the exception of outer ticking there is not a large volume construction item not already converted to nonwovens.
started using some of the Deslee tickings last year when it introduced its Aloe Therapy and Cool Therapy bed lines.
Many bedding introductions this year have some sort of "wellness" hook, whether it is an unusual ticking, cushioning or infrastructure.
Mattress ticking often draws criticism for its bland, vanilla appearance that contributes to the dreaded "sea of white" on retail floors.
A supplier of mattress ticking is likely to throw up his hands in frustration when confronted with the ticking question.
Soft terry-cloth tickings were winners, as were Simmons' Beautyrest 2002 models.
Jabs predicted Simmons' new terry-cloth tickings would provide "a lot of woman appeal.
Bemco Associates rolled out the Sleep Dimensions 2000 mattress, featuring memory foam encased coils with an ornate floral damask ticking with contrasting side panels.
If the ticking is attractive, the sale is that much more likely to close.