The study of the thyroid gland, both normal and pathologic.
[thyroid + G. logos, study]
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Thyroidology and public health: The challenges ahead.
Celebrating its ninety-first anniversary, ATA delivers its mission through several key endeavors: the publication of highly regarded monthly journals, THYROID, Clinical Thyroidology, VideoEndocrinology and Clinical Thyroidology for the Public; annual scientific meetings; biennial clinical and research symposia; research grant programs for young investigators, support of online professional, public and patient educational programs; and the development of guidelines for clinical management of thyroid disease.
His major interests are Addison's disease, glucocorticoids, clinical thyroidology and thyroid cancer.
To treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism in obese patients" (in Russian) [K voprosu lecheniya subklincheskogo gypotireoza u bolnykh ojireniem], Clinical and experimental thyroidology, Vol.
Understandably, these results caused quite a stir in the thyroidology community, in particular, as one could reasonably expect that TgAB, which are directed against the Tg protein, but not against the Tg mRNA, would most likely not interfere in this method.
There are also sections on the thyroid in infancy and childhood, and special topics in thyroidology, such as reduced sensitivity to thyroid hormone.
As the most common and challenging problem in clinical thyroidology is related to the diagnosis and prognostication of well-differentiated thyroid cancers, this review will focus on the discussion of genetic abnormalities found in papillary and follicular thyroid carcinomas and their diagnostic and prognostic use.
of Montreal) and Polak (pediatric endocrinology, INSERM, Hopital Necker Enfants Malades, Paris) introduce a volume reviewing advances in understanding normal and abnormal thyroid gland development and functioning since the publication of Pediatric Thyroidology (Delange et al.
Doherty hailed this report as "a very important study in clinical thyroidology that will probably answer this question once and for all.
This is a quote from a textbook of thyroidology published in 1932, making no distinction between the two forms of available thyroxine: "The treatment of hypothyroidism of any type consists merely in the substitution of thyroid extract for the deficient secretion.
Reflections on the thyroidology of fishes: from molecules to humankind.
Arem's clinical experience and editorial stint for Clinical Thyroidology, a respected periodical on thyroid disorders for physicians, has taught him that some forms of depression are often a warning sign for thyroid dysfunction, and can be lifted simply with the right thyroid hormone replacement.