thyroid collar

thy·roid col·lar

(thīroyd kolăr)
Collar on a lead radiographic apron used to reduce radiation exposure to thyroid area of neck.
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Tenders are invited for Lead Apron With Thyroid Collar 0.
In pediatric patient the use of a thyroid collar is mandatory while taking cephalometric radiographs.
The inuence of lead thyroid collars on cephalometric landmark identication.
The new aprons are available in adult sizes with a thyroid collar and as a panoramic poncho.
25 mm lead or lead equivalent along with a thyroid collar of at least the same thickness.
The use of a thyroid collar is strongly recommended and will significantly decrease one's risk.
One way the dental professional can protect the thyroid gland is to use a thyroid collar when taking patient X-rays.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Lead Free Radiation Jacket With Thyroid Collar
Although anaesthetists' radiation exposure is within acceptable limits, caution should be taken in rostering pregnant staff to anaesthetize where radiation exposure occurs, and all anaesthetists should routinely wear thyroid collars in such areas.
Although there are no guidelines for the wearing of protective lead thyroid collars, a dose of 7.
has redesigned its lead protective apron line and added three new styles that feature detachable thyroid collars.
The subject of this Call for Quotes is the Provision of Lead Equivalent Aprons and matching to them Thyroid Collars.