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1. in the restraint of horses and cows, to cast (2) them.
2. when tying a knot, the action of making a loop and passing it (as if throwing a lariat) around an object, which may be a cow's tail or, more commonly, the suture material which has already been placed to commence a knot.

Patient discussion about throw

Q. my friend recently told me that she throws up from time to time and it helps her balance her weight I told her I think that’s what bulimic girls do, but she insisted that it wasn’t something she can’t control or that comes after eating bursts (which she doesn’t have). It still seems wrong to me, but I would like to hear other’s opinions.

A. bolimic girls try to avoid eating. then they get so frustrated that they eat like crazy and then feel guilty and threw ups. it's a bad condition that needs to and can be treated.

Q. Last week my younger son Frank, was punished in school because of kicking and throwing things at students... This is Donald, Last week my younger son Frank, was punished in school because of kicking and throwing things at teacher and on a few students. I don’t know why he behaved like that. I got tensed when I heard about this. What to do with him?

A. Well I think it depends whether or not this is a constant behaviour by your son, or it was only a one time event that he had an explanation for. If he tends to get angry and use violence a lot, you should take action, and let him know this is not acceptable by any means. Counsling might work best. If this was a one time thing, you should let your son know this should not happen again, and try preventing him from day to day activities such as meeting friends or using the computer if this happens again.

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This multi-coloured striped throw comes from John Lewis.
Stones was taking far too long to get the ball back in play, but he hadn't actually taken the throw when Atkinson gave the throw-in to City.
com, PS872 RED THROW Orla Kiely giant stem throw, Occa Home, www.
12] 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 First Throwing at The 7 m Throws Total Efficiency and the goal throw goals last from hip name Goal Miss Goal Miss Total [J.
Bayios and Boudolos (1998) described differences in ball velocity and the throwing accuracy of Greek elite team-handball players revealing that greatest ball velocity was achieved in the standing throw with run-up (26.
4 : to put on or take off in a hurry <Let me throw on a coat.
Indeed we even practise how to fake a pass to confuse defenders, not just to throw from A to B.
With Bruins point guard Darren Collison on the bench to begin the second half with three fouls, Kentucky carved further into the deficit with a quick start, pulling within 40-37 on Bradley's two free throws.
Starting with the ball at mid-chest, throw the ball toward a solid wall.
The goal is to throw left or right of the pole, but land on the mat.
Each throw is packaged with an American Greetings card attached.