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Plural of thrombosis.


[thrombō′sis] pl. thromboses,
an abnormal condition in which a clot (thrombus) develops within a blood vessel. See also blood clotting. thrombotic, adj.
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Mean HCT <36% >36% Number of patients 20 10 Number of patient months 216 118 % AVFs 60% 60% % grafts 40% 40% Number of thromboses 5 4 Thrombosis rate 2.
His findings "strongly suggest SPS to be a common cause of arterial and venous thromboses and a workup for SPS should be considered a routine assay in the workup of individuals with otherwise unexplained arterial or venous thrombotic events.
Portal and mesenteric vein thromboses in a patient with prothrombin G20210 mutation, elevated lipoprotein (a), and high factor VIII.
Almost half of the stent thromboses occurred a year or more after stent placement while patients were still on dual antiplatelet therapy, which suggests that extended treatment with aspirin and clopidogrel provides only partial, long-term protection, said Dr.
To date, there have been no reported late stent thromboses with the Endeavor stent in 700 patients who have 12-month or longer follow-up.