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Regarding the extent and severity of CAD, Hodgkin patients had significantly more multi-vessel CAD: 10% had two-vessel disease and 24% had three-vessel disease compared to 6% and 9% of controls, respectively.
The levels of miRNA-145 in patients with three-vessel disease were significantly lower than those with one- or two-vessel disease (Ln_miRNA-145 −7.
8%, respectively, in current and past smokers; while the frequency of three-vessel disease in the three groups was 2.
I recommend angioplasty if the patient has one to two blockages, but if the patient has three-vessel disease or left main coronary artery disease, I typically recommend bypass surgery.
The study enrolled 561 patients with three-vessel disease, who underwent coronary artery bypass grafting.
The safety and effectiveness of the TAXUS Express Stent System has not been established in patients with left main or three-vessel disease.
Most studies show that patients with diabetes have superior long-term outcomes with bypass surgery if they have three-vessel disease.
WENBIT involved 3,090 patients with established coronary heart disease, mostly stable angina and two- or three-vessel disease.
There was a progressively higher skin cholesterol with greater vascular disease" that became highly significant for patients with three-vessel disease, noted Dr.
Coronary angiography revealed three-vessel disease including 90% narrowing of LAD, 80% narrowing of the first diagonal branch (Diag), and 90% narrowing of mid left circumflex artery.
In multivariate analysis, significant independent predictors of hard cardiac events were three-vessel disease at least 50% (hazard ratio, 5.
Based on the above definitions, we enrolled 20 patients with single-vessel disease (SVD group), 20 patients with double-vessel disease (DVD group) and 20 patients with three-vessel disease (TVD group).