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These patients will often exhibit subcutaneous emphysema in the neck and upper thorax.
xishuangbannaensis Yang et Yang from China, but can be separated from the latter by the thorax black, hind coxa black and antenna blackish.
In the ventrodorsal views, we measured the width of the base of the cardiac silhouette (HW) and thorax at the widest point (TW), the maximum width of the liver (LW), and the waist of the "hourglass" shape (Fig 1).
In many of the articles, thorax CT findings have been well described, but the evolution of the lesions during the disease process have not been documented in detail.
Thoracopagus twins are conjoined twins united at the thorax, facing each other, often with partly fused or compromised hearts.
I don't know which dictionary Mr Fletcher uses, but in my dictionary an insect is defined as "any of a class of small air-breathing arthropod with a body divided into head, thorax and abdomen, three pairs of legs and (in most cases) two pairs of wings".
This paper describes the isolation and genetic studies of the spontaneously occurring larval colour mutant, green thorax (gt) and its linkage with another autosomal mutant, ruby-eye (ru) in An.
The cases described in the Thorax report suggest that loud music may be one cause of this type of pneumothorax.
Total lipid and fatty acid compositions of phospholipids and triacylglycerols fractions, prepared from whole body and selected body segments (head, thorax and abdomen) of adults males and females of Lertha extensa Oliver (Neuroptera: Nemopteridae), were analyzed by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.
Juan Enemeterio, chief doctor of the Hospital Modelo of Santa Rosa's intensive care unit, said: "Green took a heavy blow to the thorax and the spinal column.
Juan Enemeterio, chief doctor of the Hospital Modelo, said: "Green took a heavy blow to the thorax and the spinal column.
The bumpers positioning heights will be varied, and the velocities imprinted at the pedestrian thorax and head will be calculated.