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n See coping.
thimble, ionization chamber,
n See chamber, ionization, thimble.
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Perhaps, mademoiselle, they might give that much at the mint, for there they coin money; but, in this shop, no one will give more than five francs for that thimble.
Then he pressed a last thimble on her sweet little mouth, and covered his face with his hands so that he might not see her go.
I use inexpensive vintage plastic thimbles most, but I also have a sterling silver Roxanne thimble that I love.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Whatman Cellulose Extraction Thimbles
Like thimbles, they have been around since ancient times but, for our purposes, a little luck will turn up some amusing Victorian pairs for the sewing table.
Q My large collection (about 500) of thimbles are mostly china and metal.
CUTLINE: Gina Brooks, left, and Sue Arena, right, Thimbles Pleasures fundraising committeewomen, present Susan Patterson of Ovations for the Cure with a check for $1,896.
As part of her course work Esther came up with a mathematical equation and matched them to three silver thimbles, representing the difficulties that people face with Asperger Syndrome.
He spends up to four hours a day cleaning and arranging the pounds 40,000 stockpile, including 15,000 ornaments, 4,800 thimbles, 1,000 fridge magnets and 300 pictures.
As long as there was sewing, there would be thimbles.
A Piercy's patent thimbles are a must have for the serious digitabulist (the name for thimble collectors).
She was an avid collector of tea cups, thimbles, spoons and refrigerator magnets as souvenirs from her travels.