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The extreme climatic conditions, overgrazing, over exploitation of plants and anthropogenic activities supported the annuals and short lived plants so the life form was dominated by therophytes followed by hemicryptophytes and chamaephytes.
Therophyte and chamaephyte are the most dominant life forms in Tabuk region.
Moreover, therophyte was the dominant life form consisting of 16 grass species (59.
Therophyte plants completed their life cycle from seed to seed and died.
A therophyte from South America (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay) (FREIRE & IHARLEGUI 1997: 29), Gamochaeta filaginea was known in the Iberian Peninsula from Caceres province only (GIRALDEZ FERNANDEZ & RICO HERNANDEZ, 1985).
The Trifolion cherleri represents submediterranean therophyte communities in the southern Balkans, classified in the Helianthemetalia guttati Br.
The life form spectrum in Figure 2 shows that in the investigated areas the proportion of Therophytes (101 taxa) is higher than that of other life forms.
These last two, which are the most genuine deserts, show significant differences in biological types, with a greater presence of therophytes and an almost total absence of phanerophytes and chamaephytes.
2 Meg Megaphanerophytes, Mes Mesophanerophytes, Mic Mierophanerophytes, N Nanophanerophytes, L Linophanerophytes, E Epiphanerophytes, S Succulent phanerophytes, Hph Hemicryptophytes, C Chamae-phytes, G Geophytes, Th Therophytes (Raunkiaer, 1934) Table 2 Leaf form, texture and size of the limestone forest at Mt.