thermostable enzyme

ther·mo·sta·ble en·zyme

an enzyme that is not readily subject to destruction or alteration by heat.
Synonym(s): heat-stable enzyme
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Generally, in most operational situations, the optimal temperature of enzymatic action is 40-60degC, it is considered that high temperature reaction activity and thermostable enzyme is favorable (Aditya et al.
Ung isn't a thermostable enzyme, and we want it to act before any PCR (or alternate amplification method) occurs, so the approach is to pre-incubate the reactions containing ung for a few minutes prior to an initial high temperature strand denaturation step.
Solid state fermentation for production of higher titres of thermostable enzyme with two peaks achieved by optimizing the pH (Ramesh & Lonsane, 1989).
Pleasanton, CA) has patented a composition comprising a first modified thermostable enzyme exhibiting 3'exonuclease activity but essentially no DNA polymerase activity and a second modified thermostable enzyme exhibiting DNA polymerase activity, whereas the fidelity of an amplification process is enhanced by the use of the composition in an amplification process in comparison to the use of the single second enzyme in an amplification process and, whereas said first and said second modified thermostable enzyme is reversibly modified by an inhibiting agent which results in essentially complete inactivation of enzyme activity, wherein incubation of said first and said second modified thermostable enzyme in an aqueous buffer at alkaline pH at a temperature less than 25.
The three single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) found in the bmy1 allele from Steptoe resulted in a more active and more thermostable enzyme (Clark et al.
The higher the inactivation rate constant is the less thermostable enzyme [26].
As Pcal_1616 seems to be Ca2+-independent thermostable enzyme therefore it is a good candidate to replace Ca2+- dependent enzymes being used in starch industry.
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (New Delhi, India) has patented a process for the preparation of thermostable enzyme glucose oxidase of high Transition temperature (T.
Mucor miehei rennet is the most thermostable enzyme of Mucor miehei at acidic pH.
Thermostable enzymes showing optimal activities between 60-70AdegC have been reproduced from C.
of hot-springs has gained commercial significance as source of thermostable enzymes [18].