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Does the thermal imager penetrate walls and reveal such "intimate details"(36) so as to implicate the Fourth Amendment?
In addition, sand screen analyses were performed on a selected basis to ensure that the sand screen distribution was not significantly changed by the thermal treatment.
The thermal reclaimer and dust collection equipment must be capable of combusting or removing these materials from the sand.
The ability to measure thermal conductivity in the melt state is relatively new, GE says.
Also on display was a new software package for the company's TA4000 thermal analysis system.
October 04 - High-Capacity Cooling for Thermal Management
The thermal solution from Amulaire is an optimized, high-density cold plate for liquid-cooling systems.
Andigilog's unique, highly accurate temperature sensing approach, integrated with intelligent control of thermal management subsystems, gives manufacturers an efficient and cost-effective way to reduce heat and increase system performance.
We are excited to enter into this partnership with CPS, as our unique thermal management technologies are a perfect complement to each other," commented Dwain Aidala, President of sp3Diamond Technologies.
ERM's customers gain access to a broader portfolio of thermal solutions and global supply chain support with the market advantage of the lowest landed cost for their thermal solutions that comes from working with the only global thermal solution provider that owns and operates all of its manufacturing operations," Dannecker concluded.
Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) and Thermal Transfer Composites, LLC (TTC) of New Castle, Delaware have announced that the two companies have entered into a strategic partnership focusing on business and technology developments of metal matrix composite (MMC) products for electronic thermal management applications.
CLEVELAND -- Advanced Energy Technology (AET), a leading producer of electronic thermal management solutions under its eGRAF(R) brand name, has been approved for production on a new HS-400 Heat Sink design in the next-generation LS/X supercomputer from Linux Networx.