therapeutic regimen

ther·a·peu·tic reg·i·men

(thār'ă-pyū'tik rej'i-mĕn)
A pattern of behavior that promotes wellness or health.
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Individuals with more severe illness may require multiple adjustments to their pharmacologic and therapeutic regimen, so care systems should be built to anticipate this need.
At a typical clinic visit, doctors have barely enough time to examine the patient, review test results, adjust or modify the therapeutic regimen, and advise if there is a need to repeat certain tests prior to the next visit.
The integration can also happen through explicit inclusion of prayers in the therapeutic regimen.
There are currently no approved therapies for BPDCN, and an optimal therapeutic regimen for BPDCN has not yet been established.
The drop has been attributed to Bahrain's success in limiting the spread of diabetes amongst citizens and expatriates by adopting an integrated therapeutic regimen which contributed to limiting the occurrence of new cases and finding the required treatment.
The healing cascade induced by adult stem cells is a naturally occurring systems biology-based therapeutic regimen.
The biggest problem with the current therapeutic regimen for TB is that the drugs should be taken once a day for a period of 6-9 months in order to be effective.
There is insufficient evidence to support conclusions that one therapeutic regimen is superior to the other one," Colombo added.
Weak adhesion to treatment and late detection of viral resistance also reduce the odds of therapeutic regimen success and increases the transmission of resistant strains [15].
These data demonstrate an influence of boswellic acids on glioma growth and may give an opportunity for a new therapeutic regimen on glioma treatment in man.
He is convinced a simple diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder is not enough and proposes a new therapeutic regimen that requires cultural competence on the part of the therapist, that culture being police work.
Through the HIV Vaccine Design and Development Teams (HVDDT) program, Wyeth will develop and clinically evaluate novel adjuvant-enhanced plasmid DNA (pDNA) and peptide based vaccines for use in a prime-boost therapeutic regimen to help treat HIV infection.

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