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1. Of, relating to, or based on theory.
2. Restricted to theory; not practical.
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The most common application of the inventory theoretic has been in the selection of transportation modes based on total annual cost where transportation and inventory carrying costs are the variables most often traded off.
Over view of Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Number Theoretic Transforms
9) Alexanian, Set Theoretic Analysis of the Whole of Reality, Footnote 14.
The theoretic perspective examines theoretical arguments as empirical or a "precisely verifiable set of relationships" that link concepts together (p.
The Black-Scholes equation is used to determine the theoretic value of a call option.
The theoretic life, the life of the philosopher, is free and noble, while other forms of political or civic life are oriented to what is useful and bound to necessities.
They begin with an extensive discussion of the definition of a production theoretic input price index and a production theoretic input quantity index.
Thus, aggregate behavior is moderately prospect theoretic.
More specifically, Elam fails to acknowledge Lyotard's proclamation that "history is dead" as a necessary theoretic which helped to establish the critical transmutations of literary and cultural analysis from which Colored Contradictions draws and upon which the anthology builds its central claim: that embarking on a project of editorial text construction results in a public document (the anthology) which, in turn, validates the diversity of contemporary dramatic voices traditionally silenced from discussions of African-American drama.
Using allergy studies and tests as a measure of comparison, Terr adds in the article, "The immunology and pathophysiology of allergic diseases have been studied extensively in the clinic and in the laboratory by sound experimental methods, whereas the proposed mechanisms of environmental illness lack both theoretic foundation and experimental proof.
A first in the topic of molecular robotics based on a quantum field theoretic approach.
Topics include the relevance of science and technological knowledge in economic development, economic growth in Cuba during the period 1990-2010, game theory and business ethics in emerging economies, the development of the domestic wind turbine manufacturing industry in Turkey, the connection between social capital and the culture of trust in economic development, game theory applications in the study of the Turkish economy, interorganizational information systems and relationships, the relationship between game theory and business ethics, the role of religion and culture in the economic growth of emerging markets, a game theoretic approach to corporate lending by banks in India, and the role of innovation policies in countries experiencing the "middle-income trap.