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n humanity's attempt to explain the nature and ways of god in a temporal framework.
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They stood in a new relation to theology and natural philosophy, and for a time maintained towards both an attitude of reserve and separation.
Few students of theology or philosophy have sufficiently reflected how quickly the bloom of a philosophy passes away; or how hard it is for one age to understand the writings of another; or how nice a judgment is required of those who are seeking to express the philosophy of one age in the terms of another.
I think that our popular theology has gained in decorum, and not in principle, over the superstitions it has displaced.
In the earlier series of books containing, among others, Bosanquet's "History of Aesthetic," Pfleiderer's "Rational Theology since Kant," Albee's "History of English Utilitarianism," Bonar's "Philosophy and Political Economy," Brett's "History of Psychology," Ritchie's "Natural Rights," these objects were to a large extent effected.
Their theory of life had its core of soundness, as all theories must have on which decent and prosperous families have been reared and have flourished; but it had the very slightest tincture of theology.
Reconsidering the Relationship between Biblical and Systematic Theology in the New Testament.
A Constructive Christian Theology for the Pluralistic World 2.
The Latin American liberation theology is not a heritage site; it is rather a living movement with continued vitality.
Summa of Ordinary Questions: Articles Six to Ten on Theology, translated and with an introduction by Roland J.
Scholars of theology and philosophy briefly summarize 20th-century developments in Eastern Christian thought, Roman Catholic theologies, North Atlantic Lutheran theologies, Western European reformed theologies, Nordic theologies, science and theology discourse, process and relational theisms, Western ecofeminist theologies, North American perspectives from the margins, Latin American theologies, African theological perspectives, Asian theological perspectives, Oceanic readings on creation and redemption, and global ecumenical theology.
Born in Latakia, Syria, Awad is lecturer in systematic and contextual/intercultural theology at Gottingen University and at the Evangelisch-Lutherische Missionsseminar, Hermannsburg, Germany.
is the recognition that each theology is contextual.