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n humanity's attempt to explain the nature and ways of god in a temporal framework.
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Just 24 hours after stablemate Bellflower Boy had thrown his own hat into the festival ring with a win at Warwick, Theologist powered through the mud to stake his claim under 5lb conditional Joshua Moore.
The visits of radical theologists and the reaction of the Islamic Religious Community come in a period when wahhabism, as a radical version of Islam in complete contravention of the moderate teachings that have been practiced in Macedonia for centuries, is increasingly more talked about among Muslims.
The religious extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir suffers financial, ideological and organizational crisis," assumed Kyrgyz theologist Kadyr Malikov at the press conference in AKIpress news center today.
August Bielenstein (1826-1907), a famous Latvian theologist, linguist, folklorist, and historian who placed the border between Soontagana and Metsepole on the River Orajogi (Bielenstein 1892 : map II).
The first test of the validity of the hypothesis was the analysis of the use of expanded tenses in the Old English translation of Historiarum Adversus Paganos by the historian and theologist Orosius.
Maulana Husain Ahmad Madani (1879-1957), a theologist and political activist, was one of the longest-serving principals of Darul Uloom Deoband, the renowned Islamic seminary of the Indian subcontinent.
In a similar vein, the Spanish theologist Francisco de Vitoria (1483-1546), who had a great influence on the Crown's decisions about Americans' issues, writes that sovereignty comes from God but is received by the people, who in turn cede the power to the Prince.
Jember, a stem and graying liberation theologist, is one of thousands of Ethiopians, my father among them, educated abroad during the sixties and seventies, who came home to fight for the Ethiopian dream of giving the country wealth commensurate to its sophisticated culture--its indigenous architecture, poetry, alphabet, system of musical notation, religious literature.
Theologist, churchman and former seminary professor John Killinger presents Seven Things They Don't Teach You In Seminary, a no-nonsense guide to the practical, real-world truths that every prospective minister should know--truths that are driven home through sometimes bitter experience.
He quotes the Lebanese Catholic theologist Theodore Khoury, who said that ''for Muslim teaching, God is absolutely transcendent, his will is not bound up with any of our categories.
This is quite remarkable in the context of the drastic deepening of religious indifference of Estonians during the postwar decades as described by theologist T.