theca cells

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theca cells, theca-lutein cells

lutein cells derived from the theca interna.
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Experimental data from cultured human GCs from both control and PCOS women suggest that neither PI3K nor MAPK pathway are involved in insulin induced steriodogenesis (36) which is in contrast to theca cells where PI3K has been shown to be involved (27).
Theca cells do not change their morphology during oogenesis and they remain as flat cells outside the basal lamina.
One can argue that this spindle cell component is truly another pattern of granulosa cell tumor (pseudosarcomatous pattern) or it might represent a fibrothecomatous component, taking into consideration that most granulosa cell tumors have at least some theca cells focally.
The theca internal layer is situated adjacent to the basement membrane and characterized by the presence of a discontinuous layer of fibroblast cells and theca cells, in small follicles, the theca cells may be grouped together into so-called theca glands.
Insulin stimulates ovarian theca cells to produce androgen (i.
16 IL-1AY secreted by humangranulosa and theca cells invitro acts as a paracrine factor in the sequence of events that lead to ovulation and has been detected in follicular fluid of animal studies.
6) Microscopically granulosa cell tumours are composed of granulosa cells, theca cells and fibroblasts and they exhibit various patterns like microfollicular, macrofollicular, trabecular and insular.
24) Other common theories suggest that there is a primary disorder of the gonadotropins resulting in an initial increase in LH that stimulates theca cells in the ovary to produce androgens or that the chief defect is in the steroidogenesis within the ovary and adrenal glands.